Architecture Change

Looking to paint your home? Building a new deck or fence? Replacing your Roof? Changes to your home or property can be exciting, but there are some rules in place to help ensure both your own and your neighbors property value is protected. You may also need a permit from the city, which can be difficult to navigate if you aren’t familiar with the process.

Whether you’re hiring a contractor or doing the work yourself, you’ll need to decide if an Architectural Change Form is required by the HOA before you start, and/or if you need a permit from the city.

Changes that require a Architectural Change From include:
City Permit Required
Arch Change Form needed first to obtain permit from the city.

    • New Roof
    • Building, extending, or replacing a Fence
    • Painting the exterior of your home (even if no color change)
    • Replacing or extending a Driveway
    • Adding a Walkway
    • Building or extending a Deck, Gazebo, Pergola, Pier, Dock or Shed
    • Replacing your Windows, Siding, Door, or Garage door
    • Installation or replacement of Solar Panels 
    • Installation or replacement of a Pool
    • Room additions or structures
    • Any change or addition to the exterior of the dwelling, whether or not a permit is required.

Work that does not require a change form include maintenance to your home, light/spot touch up paint, replacing boards, light fixtures, landscaping or any interior work. Tree cutting or removal is also exempt for single family dwellings and does not require a form or permit. Some work make require a permit from the city, but NOT an Architecture change form such as replacing your AC, see the Longwood Permit Process below for details.

When in doubt, please feel free to talk to someone in the Architecture Review Committee or the Board of Directors. You can email the HOA using the Contact Us link at the top of this page or directly to For details, see the Architecture Control Guidelines as outlined in the Rules for the HOA.  And a reminder to be careful, failure to submit a Change Form when required could result in a fine.

Architectural Change Form Process

So your project is going to involve making some changes to the exterior of your home, Great!

Step 1: Download the corresponding form and fill out required details.

In an effort to streamline the approval process, the Architecture Change Forms (ACF) have been updated for 2019. There now now multiple Architecture Change Forms to choose from depending on your project. We identified the most common projects and created a form specially tailored for them to help obtain the needed information. Those projects include Roof Repair or Replacement, Fence Install or Replacement, and all Exterior Home Painting. All other work such as windows, doors, and miscellaneous work should utilize the “Other” form, and describe the project work in detail.  Download the appropriate Architecture Change From for your project by clicking the button below.

ROOF Change Form  FENCE Change Form  PAINT Change Form  OTHER Change Form

Step 2: Submit for review

Once you have a completed form, including the acknowledgement of your neighbors, submit it to the Architectural Review Committee or ARC.

It is important to include all supporting documentation to your form such as: plot plans, materials, paint or roof color samples, drawings or renderings of proposed changes, measurements, etc.

  • If you have your documents in digital form, you may submit for review by email attachment to
  • If all your documents are in print form, you may drop off the documents to any board member, or email to schedule a time to meet.

To avoid delay it is recommended that you submit your form with supporting documentation at least 7 days in advance so that ARC has the opportunity to review the proposed changes to your home. If you wait until the day before your project to obtain approval, your project could be delayed. Approval is also conditional on association dues being current, so ensure you’re up to date.

Step 3: Approval

The ARC will review and obtain the board signatures and approval. 

The Board and ARC may approve, deny, or make recommendations on the design to ensure changes are kept within the aesthetics of the neighborhood. We will reach out to you to advise on status, and you may proceed with your project once it has been approved. The ARC will send you a copy of your approved form.

Note that if any changes are made in plans after the work has been approved, a new architectural change form must be completed, and re-approved.

If you have any questions on the architecture review process, please do not hesitate to contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

If your project requires a city permit, proceed to the next section. If you’re unsure if a permit is needed, read below to find out, or you can ask your contractor if they handle the permitting process.

City of Longwood Permit Process

The City of Longwood Building Division is responsible for taking in permit applications, administering the permit review process, issuing permits, performing inspections, and issuing certificates of occupancy.

Improvements that require a Permit from the city, but do not require an Arch Change From include:

  • Replacing your Air Conditioner system
  • Replacing pool Pump or Heater
  • Replacing a Water heater
  • Addition or replacement of Propane Tanks
  • Addition or replacement of Plumbing
  • Addition or replacement of Electrical Wiring
  • Addition or replacement of Fireplace
  • Interior Renovations or alterations
  • Septic Tanks and Fields permits can be obtained by the County Heath Department

In most cases if you’re hiring a contractor to perform the work, they will handle the permit process for you.  If you’re doing the work yourself, or your contractor requires you obtain the permit directly, the permitting process is detailed on the City of Longwood’s Building Division website. Utilize the contacts below for assistance in navigating this process.  You will need to provide them with a completed HOA Architectural Change form where required when applying for your permit from the city.

Longwood Building Division

Longwood Building Division Contacts:

Robert Bailey
Building Official
(407) 260-3461
Corrinne Fail
Permit Clerk
(407) 260-3464
Kathy Addison
Building Inspector
(407) 263-2337
Building Inspection Line (407) 260-3471Fax (407) 263-2348